ProArts Cross-Registration

Berklee is a member of the ProArts Consortium, an association of seven performing and visual arts schools. ProArts comprises the following institutions: Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Boston Architectural College, Emerson College, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, New England Conservatory, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University.

The ProArts cross-registration period for the spring 2024 semester will take place December 4–8.

ProArt Guidelines for:

How to Register for a Course at a ProArts Institution

  • Cross-registration course offerings will be announced during each school’s add/drop period. Once courses have been announced, identify the course you wish to enroll in, and pick two back-up choices in case your first choice is full. View course offerings.
  • Complete the online ProArts cross-registration application during the open ProArts registration period. 
  • All ProArts applications must be approved by Berklee and the host institution. Students will receive instructions within one to five business days after their application has been received and reviewed.

Boston Conservatory Students

You will be cross-registered by an administrator if your application is approved by both Berklee and the host institution. Instructions will be provided after your application has been submitted. 

Berklee College of Music Students

If your ProArt application has been approved, you must register for a placeholder course on Use the table below to find the course number (based on the number of credits) and the section (name of the host institution). For example, a three-credit course at Boston Architectural College would be PA-003-001. 

Course NumberSection
PA-005 = 0.5 credit course001 = Boston Architectural College
PA-001 = 1 credit course002 = Boston Conservatory at Berklee
PA-015 = 1.5 credit course003 = Emerson College
PA-002 = 2 credit course004 = Massachusetts College of Art and Design
PA-025 = 2.5 credit course005 = School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University
PA-003 = 3 credit course006 = New England Conservatory
PA-004 = 4 credit course 

Exception: For four-credit liberal art courses offered through Emerson College, register for PA-003-003 (three credits). Only three credits are counted toward graduation.

Visit the ProArts website to learn about the cross-registration rules and regulations at Berklee, as well as at the school where you wish to enroll.