Apostille Requests

Effective as of the 2020 summer semester, the new apostille process is as follows.

Apostille Requests

An apostille is a special certification that guarantees the authenticity of a U.S. document (i.e., a diploma or a transcript) when it's used outside of the U.S. Some countries require that a Berklee College of Music diploma and/or transcript has this authentication; here is a list of countries that may require this.

Important information and instruction on apostilles can be found on the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth's website.

Obtaining an apostille certification can be complicated and time-consuming, but we are here to help. Please review the steps below and contact us by email or phone at 617-747-2470 if you have questions or concerns.

Key Points

  • You may have more than one document certified at the same time.
  • There is no charge for the college's notary service.
  • The Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth charges a $6 fee for each apostille certification.
  • For recognition in countries that are not part of the Hague Convention agreement, the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth can produce a similar (non-apostille) international certification.

Steps to Complete

  • Confirm what information your home country needs, and choose the official documents that meet those needs.
  • Review the apostille instructions on the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website.
  • If needed, follow these instructions for ordering an academic transcript or replacement diploma to obtain the appropriate documents.
  • Prepare the following attachments to be sent to the college:
    1. Provide a letter addressed to the Secretary of the Commonwealth requesting the apostille, with instructions on how and where it should be sent.
    2. Enclose a prepaid return envelope to have the documents returned to you. If you wish to have the documents returned via Federal Express, DHL, or any other express mail service, please enclose a prepaid return envelope with a billing account number.
    3. Include a check made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ($6 per certified document).
    4. Mail your complete packet (documents for certification and required attachments) to Berklee College of Music, Attn: OREG-Apostille, 1140 Boylston Street, Boston, MA, 02215. You can also drop off the completed packet to the Registrar’s Office at 939 Boylston Street.
  • The college will notarize and forward your request and required attachments to the Secretary of the Commonwealth for official apostille certification.
  • Once received by the state of Massachusetts, mailed requests are typically processed within two–three weeks.