Diversity Values Statement

The Aim for Diversity

We approach diversity as a philosophy and as an objective. Central to our purpose is our commitment to attracting the widest array of music innovators into the college community and providing an environment that supports their creative process. We also seek to integrate these values into teaching and decision-making, as our students are influenced through leadership as much as through curriculum.

Diversity Values Statement and Definition

Cultural diversity is integral to the mission of Berklee simply because cultural diversity is integral to music itself. Innovators from diverse backgrounds and cultures have created the music studied here. An essential part of a Berklee education is gaining an appreciation of the rich variety and interdependence of the cultural traditions from which the music that students explore originates.

We must be a community in which every member’s voice is valued and respected. A diverse, inclusive work and learning environment is essential to maintaining our role as a leader in contemporary music education. It is imperative that we take specific steps to attract and retain the widest array of talented musicians and provide an environment that supports and nurtures their creative process. The fulfillment of our mission—to educate, train, and develop students to excel in music as a career—will be demonstrated in their influence both on the future of music and on the larger culture.

We view diversity holistically, understanding that the definition is constantly evolving. Our definition of diversity includes race, color, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, disability, age, sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. We also know that a diversity of ideas, approaches, disciplines, and learning and musical styles are essential to inclusion and equity. The integration of myriad cultural values and perspectives into what we do at all levels, from teaching to decision-making, is critical.

Many challenges lie ahead in all areas. We believe that increased diversity will support our strategic objective of attracting the highest-quality students, faculty, and staff to Berklee. To accomplish this, we must create a welcoming and supportive multicultural atmosphere for all members of our community. This focus is not the work of any one individual or office; it is the work of everyone. In this spirit, we will encourage a campus-wide climate of respect, openness, and awareness that celebrates and values our diversity.

For more information, see the Office for Diversity and Inclusion.