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Berklee Bridge aims to provide an all-in-one, holistic approach to caring for your successful development throughout your time at Berklee and beyond. Designed with you at the center, the Bridge connects you with the services, programs, and resources designed to support your academic and artistic pursuits, career preparation, and overall wellness.

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logging in, updating info, Berklee ID card


Academic Support

planning your schedule, tutoring, advising



requesting accommodations


Career Support

jobs, internships, student employment, advising 



student government, clubs, leadership, getting involved


Diversity and Inclusion

trainings, programming, resources, and events



part-time status, withdrawals, suspensions


Equity and Title IX

policies, resources, support, trainings



tuition, refunds, aid, scholarships


Health and Wellness

counseling, medical care, health insurance, immunizations, wellness services


International Students

visas, status, travel documents, advising



registering for courses, semester check-in, add/drop, declaring a major


Student Employment

finding a position, getting paid



tech support, help with hardware and software