How will your gift make a difference?

Berklee students are developing the leadership skills, entrepreneurial experience, and artistic excellence they need to change the world, and with your support, they’ll have access to the tools and resources they need to accomplish their dreams and more.

"To graduate from my dream school with no financial burden on my or my parents’ shoulders is something I can never thank you enough for."

—Peter Chang, Music Production and Engineering, Class of 2020


Thanks to you, Berklee’s record-breaking Soundbreaking campaign raised more than $160 million to support Berklee students through scholarships, state-of-the-art facilities, and groundbreaking institutes.


Commitment to Student Success

Thrive is Berklee’s strategy to advance student success by focusing on three key priorities:

Berklee's 2017 commencement ceremony

Enabling students to graduate at higher rates and with less debt


Overall family debt reduction in one year for Thrive Scholarship recipients

Dancers on stage

Supporting students to have a high-quality, engaging experience


Student visits to Academic Advising in 2019, representing a 125 percent increase over the previous year

Woman producing music

Preparing students for purposeful, successful, sustainable careers


Workshops, interviews, panels, listening sessions, and auditions presented by industry partners at Career Jam 2019