Berklee awards more than $47 million annually in institutional scholarships and grants to entering and continuing students from Berklee College of Music; Boston Conservatory at Berklee; Berklee's campus in Valencia, Spain; and Berklee Online. Approximately 40 percent of entering students are awarded institutional aid, with an average award covering 40 percent of tuition.

Scholarships for Entering Students

All entering students are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships as part of the admissions process when applying to the College or Conservatory. Berklee College of Music students also have the opportunity to submit materials within their admissions application to have their songwriting and composition abilities considered. Read our scholarship policies (login required).

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Berklee Online students: At this time, entering Berklee Online students are not eligible for scholarships. However, you can apply for a scholarship once you have earned 90 credits towards your online degree.

How to Renew your Scholarship

Institutional scholarships are automatically renewed for the following academic year. There is no application required. 

You will continue to receive your scholarship provided that:

  • you meet the terms and conditions (such as the minimum GPA and credits),
  • you complete your instrumental study requirements, and 
  • you are not on academic or disciplinary probation. 

Additional Scholarships for Continuing Students

Berklee College of Music students will be eligible for automatic consideration for the Thrive Scholarship (login required), division awards, and other institutional funding.

Boston Conservatory at Berklee students will automatically be considered for the Thrive Scholarship (login required).

No application is necessary. Consideration is an automatic process, and students will be notified if they receive these awards.