Financial Aid Forms

Students who have submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2020–2021 or 2021–2022 academic years should create an account or log in to their Financial Aid Portal to view and upload the required forms.

Please note that the Financial Aid Portal does not presently request the Master Promissory Note or Entrance Counseling e-documents. If you receive a missing information request regarding these documents, please go to to complete both e-documents.

The documents on this page should only be completed at the request of Student Financial Services and submitted through our Dropbox account. 

For Domestic Students:

Consortium Agreement

Loan Declination Form

Submit Only if Requested:

Dependent Student Household Verification Form

Student Non-Tax Filer Form

Obtaining High School Completion Documentation

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose by Notary

Independent Student Household Verification Form

Parent Asset Verification Form

Parent Statement of Non-Tax Filing

Student Asset Verification Form

Untaxed Income Worksheet

  • 2020–2021
  • Instructions for IRS data retrieval: PDF
  • Instructions for IRS tax return transcript: PDF