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The Berklee Bridge connects you to a personalized support team, anchored by a dedicated success advisor—your main point person at Berklee, who helps you map your path, stay on track, and graduate on time. In collaboration with a group of specialized wellness, financial, accessibility, international, major, and career advisors, they work together to guide your educational journey, from application to graduation and beyond.

Keep It Simple

One Stop Student Services makes it easy to enroll and get your tasks done. Whether you need guidance on registration, billing, or financial aid, their goal is to free you up to focus on what you're really here for: your education. And if you're ever unsure where to go, head to the One Stop—they'll connect you to what you need.

Connect and Thrive

Your Berklee Bridge team helps you access resources for academic support, health and wellness, housing and student life, identity-based programs, career services, and more so that you can achieve your personal, artistic, and professional goals. They'll make sure you have what you need to thrive, when you need it.

Connect with your success advisor 

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    One Stop Student Services

    Frontline support for registration, records, tuition, billing, scholarships, and aid—all in one centralized location

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    Financial Support

    Financial aid counseling services, guidance on FAFSA and CSS, and scholarship and grant awards

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    Accommodations you may need to support your academic, housing, or dining requirements

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    Assistance for international students with visas, F-1 status maintenance, and managing travel documents

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    Care Support

    Proactive health education and wellness services; connections to on- and off-campus support services

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    Advice and workshops on building your resume, job search strategies, business planning, internships, and more

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    Guidance on navigating your chosen field of study and achieving academic goals

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    Student mentors who serve as coaches and role models, providing advice on academics, careers, and student life

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Key Dates and Deadlines for Your Success

Mark your calendar

Stay on top of important academic deadlines by viewing the always up-to-date academic calendar.

Academic calendar

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Student Programs and Services

In addition to your success network, you can find support and resources through a variety of programs:

Campus Life

Community Standards and Conflict Resolution

Core Music Tutoring

Housing and Residential Education

Identity-Based Programs

Student Success Programming

Programming for Your Success

As a Berklee student, you can attend thousands of events each year. We've curated a selection of events that are designed to help you gain the skills, experience, and connections you need to succeed.

Attend events

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  • Isadora Coldabella

    “My success advisor helped me to find ways to save on my college pathway with the CLEP test. She did a thorough analysis of my grid, gave me several options in relation to my interests, and made sure to help me make the most of my time here at Berklee. Berklee Bridge has made sure I talk to the right person no matter what my questions are.”

    – Isadora Coldabella

  • Portrait of Zoey Deel

    "Though my first year at college was a hard adjustment, my advisor [Laura Messina] not only helped to guide me through this new chapter of life, she transformed it. She helped me every step of the way, from connecting with the Health and Wellness or Accessibility offices to assist in my personal care, to connecting me professionally with mentors at Berklee/BCB, and even teaching me how to create my own minor so that I could soak up every bit of knowledge I possible during my 4 years here at school. Laura has really been a blessing to me since the moment I arrived on campus, and I could not be more grateful for her knowledge, kindness, and creativity as she has helped to engineer my success."

    – Zoey D.

  • Portrait of Luisa Yamille

    "In my experience as a student trying to figure out what major to declare, I was very overwhelmed with all the options . . . with help from tutoring, advising and the events offered by the department, I was able to find my footing . . . as a SAM it’s always the most rewarding for me to be able to help students that were in the same spot as me, to be able to share experiences, provide support, and stay in touch with them throughout their time at Berklee."

    – Luisa P.M.