Residential and Campus Life

Music education is what brings students to Berklee, but most Berklee students are interested in engaging in music and other activities outside of the classroom. From student clubs and student-run enterprises to student government and a wealth of opportunities throughout Boston, you can get involved in extracurricular activities such as Berklee’s internet radio station, the college’s business startup initiative, NCAA Division III sports, and an array of cultural organizations, just to name a few. At Berklee, you can truly be who you are. While music remains the primary focus, it is far from the only important, rich experience available to students at Berklee.

The Student Activities Center (SAC) seeks to create and maintain an inclusive, safe, and engaging space for all members of the Berklee community. We are dedicated to enriching the student experience by cultivating active leaders, community builders, musicians, and global citizens. We invite you to explore the ways in which you can create, contribute, and take the reigns of your Berklee experience while making the most of your time in Boston.

Contact Us

Visit us at 939 Boylston Street, room 201 (access from 921 Boylston Street, third floor), and contact us at or 617-747-2560.

  • Student Clubs

    Whether you’re interested in advocating for animal rights or sharing your love of heavy metal, catching a game of ultimate Frisbee or tap dancing, there are a wide array of student clubs at Berklee—and if the club you seek doesn’t yet exist, maybe you should start it!

  • Student Government

    Do you want to make the Berklee experience even better for yourself and others? Berklee’s Student Government Association (SGA) works with the academic and administrative community at Berklee to ensure that the collective voice of the student body is heard.

  • Student-Run Enterprises

    The academic experience meets “real world” experience at Berklee every day. Berklee students run multiple professional record labels, a top-notch live music venue, music publications, and several Internet radio station channels, among other ventures.

  • Student Ambassador Program

    Students interested in sharing their Berklee experience with others are encouraged to apply for the student ambassador program.

  • Boston's Gigging Scene

    Many Berklee students arrive eager to share their music within the thriving Boston music scene. The Berklee community is adept at pointing students in the right direction to get started.