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Over 80 Berklee student clubs enrich the student experience, create a diverse community, encourage involvement, and provide opportunities for students to build valuable skills. Open to all Berklee students, these clubs organize programs, events, and meetings across campus throughout the academic year. Clubs listed here are officially recognized through the Student Activities Center.


Here's a sampling of the clubs created by and available to Berklee students. Student interests are always changing, and so is our list of clubs. To join a club, simply visit its page by clicking on the club's name and send an email to the club email address listed for the club.


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Anime Club

The purpose of the Anime Club at Berklee College of Music is to spread the word about Japanese animated shows and the sub-culture that surrounds it, including the unique type of music. This will allow musicians to explore the type of music that is popular among Japanese teenagers and older fans.

Spring 2019 Meeting Location/Time: Sundays, 3:00PM-5:00PM in 150 Mass Ave. Room 118

Anime Club Constitution.pdf

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Asian Americans in Music and Entertainment (AAIME)

Asian American in Music and Entertainment is an opportunistic community actively connecting Berklee College of Music students with thriving second generation Asians in music and/or entertainment to inspire the students to persevere, to achieve and to thrive in their dreams to work in the industry- both in front and behind the scenes. Added Spring 2018

Spring 2019 Meeting Time/Location: Thursdays, 6:00PM-8:00PM in 7 Haviland Room 103



AAIME Constitution 2018

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Audio Engineering Society (Berklee Chapter)

Student Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society, the world's leading organization in Audio Engineering. The Berklee AES Chapter organizes events, workshops, and activities related to the field of audio engineering. We network with other student chapters and participate in the National AES Convention annually.

Spring 2019 Meeting Time/Location:


AES Constitution (Updated 2016)

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Audire Soundtrack Choir

To perform choral arrangements, both a cappella and with accompaniment, of music from visual media, including film, television, anime, and video game soundtracks.

To promote the appreciation of soundtrack music, which we believe to be a vital part of the Berklee community and the entertainment industry at large.

To celebrate music from visual media by creating new performances, both live and recorded, that will appeal to soundtrack fans around the world.

To provide a venue for our members--who are primarily soundtrack fans--to sing music they love, music they would not have the opportunity to perform in any other setting.

To give our members the opportunity to create original arrangements and hear their arrangements performed by a live choir.

To deepen our own appreciation for soundtrack music and to grow as artists through an intimate acquaintance with music by recognized masters in the field.

Check us out on social media!: Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp, and Tumblr!


Spring 2019 Meeting Time/Location: 

Mondays, 8:00PM-10:00PM, 136 Mass Ave. Room 401

Saturdays, 2:00PM-4:00PM, 136 Mass Ave. Room 301

Audire Soundtrack Choir Constitution.pdf


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Berklee A&R/Artist Development Group

The Berklee A&R Group was founded by MP&E staff member Joe James, a 25-year music industry veteran whose desire is to augment the opportunities within the Berklee community for talented students. On board with Joe are some of Berklee’s top students and alumni comprised of business, marketing, and PR specialists, as well as the top producers, engineers, and booking agents.

The team’s purpose is to find the very best the Berklee community has to offer and serve as a bridge between Berklee talent and top industry executives. If selected to be represented by the Berklee A&R Group, you will be put with the right team of people to develop your talent and get your music heard by influential people in the music industry.

Spring 2019 Meeting Time/Location: please contact the club for this information


Artist & Development at BCM Constitution.pdf


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Berklee Boulders

Berklee Boulders' purpose is to spread the joy of climbing while creating a safe space in which students are able to form new friendships and push themselves both physically and mentally while leading an active, healthy lifestyle. Added to the Berklee community in Spring 2018.



Berklee Boulders Constitution.pdf
Berklee Boulders Constitution

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Berklee Christian Fellowship

"To have a relationship with God, and relate to others."
Come fellowship with us!

Questions? Shoot us an email:
Check out our Facebook for more information!

Berklee Christian Fellowship Constitution..pdf

Spring 2019 Meeting Time/Location: Fridays, 6:00PM-10:00PM, 150 Mass Ave. Room 118

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Berklee Gear Club

The purpose of this club is to create an environment where students can learn about music related gear that is essential in the industry, and allow them to bring in and share gear they are currently using. 

Spring 2019 Meeting Time/Location: 

Berklee Gear Club Constitution .pdf


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Berklee House of Prayer

Berklee House of Prayer (BHOP) is the official Christian house of prayer at Berklee College of Music, specifically dedicated to uniting Christian students and leaders on campus across all racial, cultural, and denominational lines to pray as one body in unity for each other and the Berklee community.

Check out our Facebook page for more information: Berklee House of Prayer - BHOP

Spring 2019 Meeting Time/Location: 

Berklee House of Prayer Constitution.pdf

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Berklee Indonesian Community

The Berklee Indonesian Community (BIC) seeks to create more awareness and celebration of the Indonesian culture, amongst students at Berklee, while simultaneously promoting community amongst those from Indonesia.

Spring 2019 Meeting Time/Location: 

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Berklee Iranian Student Association

The goal of this club is to unite the Iranians at Berklee as well as to promote the Iranian culture. The membership will entail meetings that will consist of different cultural aspects of Iran through art, music, film etc. The events of this club will consist of Persian music performances. The events will also include cultural holidays in Iran like Norooz (Persian new year), Yalda (winter solstice celebration), and Mehregan (Persian Festival of Autumn).  Added to Berklee in Spring 2018.


Berklee Iranian Student Association Constitution 2018


Spring 2019 Meeting Time/Location: 

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Berklee Women in Action

Berklee Women in Action aims to create a space and a community where members can bring up topics that affect their everyday lives as young female musicians and women, share resources/books/movies we find inspiring, and explore the ways in which we can bring our art to raise awareness, empower girls and women, and make some changes.

Spring Club Meeting Time/Location: Tuesdays, 6:00PM-8:00PM, 150 Mass Ave. Room 175

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Berklee XR

The purpose of Berklee XR is to provide a place for VR, AR and XR enthusiasts to learn, share, collaborate, create projects and talk about the future of these technologies. All related matters to these new technologies are relevant. Formed in Spring 2018.

Berklee XR Constitution - Spring 2018

Spring 2019 Meeting Time/Location: TBD

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Berklee/Boston Conservatory Recording Orchestra

Our mission is to provide opportunities for the Berklee and Boston Conservatory students with regular recording sessions on campus, throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, with players from both the Berklee and the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. The Orchestra includes a wide variety of majors, including (but not limited to): film scoring, music production and engineering, performance, business, and arts management; members will gain hands-on experience of session clinics and foster collaboration between the two institutions.

The Orchestra will not record or perform any course related materials and all recordings are prioritized to original student work which has not been recorded live before. 

BBCRO Constitution.pdf

Spring 2019 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD


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Billboard Hot 100 Club

The purpose of this club is to help prepare students who have goals of being creators and artists in the popular commercial music industry, by focusing on all aspects of the creation of popular music, including but not limited to arranging, production, songwriting, performance, collaborating and internship opportunities. This shall be achieved through the advisement of club members, faculty and guest speakers.


Spring 2019 Meeting Time/Location: TBD

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