Student Club and Organization Information

Starting a New Club

Congratulations: you've decided to start a new club or organization here at Berklee. We love new ideas and new initiatives at the Student Activities Center (SAC), and we want to help support you however we can.

First things first: When you are thinking about starting a club or organization, it’s important to reach out and make an appointment with the assistant director for student clubs and organizations. This professional staff member can answer any questions you have about the club application process, explain the steps you'll need to take to be officially recognized by the SAC, and help work with you on the various documents you'll submit for your club application.

Generally speaking, you'll need to gather and submit the following materials and information in order to start the process of establishing your new group:

  • Contact to receive the New Club Application form (this includes finding at least 10 Berklee students interested in joining this club as well as locating a faculty or staff member who has agreed to serve as your advisor).
  • Draft a constitution and mission statement for your club (a sample is available to download below).

Submitted (and complete) applications will be reviewed and granted recognition on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. If you submit an application during the summer semester, it will be reviewed and you will be notified of your club's status by the start of classes in the fall.

Maintaining Active Clubs

Student clubs looking to maintain official recognition must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Every registered student club and organization must annually register their group at the beginning of the fall semester by emailing Be sure to update us with any changes to your group or leader information. If your club has any changes in leadership between the fall and spring semesters, have the new leaders email
  • Each club must have a clearly stated, lawful mission statement and constitution conducive to the best interests of the community and consistent with Berklee's policies. If there are any changes or edits to your club's constitution, submit an updated version of it to the assistant director for student clubs and organizations (via at the beginning of each academic year.
  • If affiliated with a national organization, a Berklee club must include a letter of affiliation with their constitution. The affiliate may not be a for-profit entity.
  • Each club must have a minimum of 10 Berklee student members. As your club grows and continues, a majority of its membership must remain Berklee students (though students from the ProArts Consortium can certainly be invited to join and attend).
  • Each club must have an executive board with a president and at least one other executive officer of the club. Berklee students must hold all executive board positions, and a different person must hold each position.
  • Each club must have an advisor who is a full-time faculty or professional staff member.
  • Each club must have an adequate system of accounting for club funds (i.e., a treasurer).
  • Clubs must comply with all Berklee policies and regulations pertaining to student clubs and be in good standing with the institution.

Additional Club Resources