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Over 80 Berklee student clubs enrich the student experience, create a diverse community, encourage involvement, and provide opportunities for students to build valuable skills. Open to all Berklee students, these clubs organize programs, events, and meetings across campus throughout the academic year. Clubs listed here are officially recognized through the Center for Campus Life.

Here's a sampling of the clubs created by and available to Berklee students. Student interests are always changing, and so is our list of clubs. To join a club, simply visit its page by clicking on the club's name and send an email to the club email address listed for the club.

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The purpose of the Anime Club at Berklee College of Music is to spread the word about Japanese animated shows and the subculture that surrounds them, including their unique type of music. This will allow musicians to explore the music that is popular among Japanese teenagers and older fans.

Asian American in Music and Entertainment is an opportunistic community actively connecting Berklee College of Music students with thriving second generation Asians in music and/or entertainment to inspire the students to persevere, to achieve and to thrive in their dreams to work in the industry- both in front and behind the scenes. 


Student Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society, the world's leading organization in Audio Engineering. The Berklee AES Chapter organizes events, workshops, and activities related to the field of audio engineering. We network with other student chapters and participate in the National AES Convention annually.

The Audire Soundtrack Choir & Orchestra strives to foster community and create exceptional musical experiences, through the performance of music from visual media - movies, television, video games, anime, and musicals. It is the only student club at Berklee that offers the opportunity for choral and orchestral collaboration, featuring exclusively student-arranged works.

Barbershop Club at Berklee's mission is to enrich the back bay community through the encouragement of an inclusive barbershop harmony singing environment.

Berklee A&R is an organization designed to strengthen the career and artist development at Berklee College of Music. We will solicit relationships with major music and film companies, with whom we can uplift the careers of the students at Berklee.


Our aim is to facilitate meaningful fellowship, worship and opportunities for outreach. To have a relationship with God, and to relate to others.

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Berklee Climate Action is a club centered around environmental activism. The club aims to bring students into a conversation about how the individual can make and impact and inspire action on a greater scale. Through workshops and events BCA will bring in members from the Berklee and greater Boston communities to educate the student body on issues surrounding climate change and other pertinent environmental subjects.

The purpose of this club is to create a space for people with disabilities at Berklee, because there isn't one currently. We want to create a network of support for students with disabilities and help them to advocate for their needs on campus. We hope to host awareness events on campus, and potentially put on a concert featuring all disabled performers.

Berklee Esports — collegiate tournaments, video game music, game nights, board games, card games, Minecraft, Dungeons and Dragons, and more. Whether you're here to play competitively or to vibe with friends, Berklee Esports is the one-stop-shop for all things gaming.

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Berklee House of Prayer (BHOP) is the official Christian house of prayer at Berklee College of Music, specifically dedicated to uniting Christian students and leaders on campus across all racial, cultural, and denominational lines to pray as one body in unity for each other and the Berklee community.


Berklee Indonesian Community (BIC) is a student-run community of Indonesian students at Berklee College of Music. Our vision as a community is to bring Indonesian students at Berklee together in solidarity and share the wonderful cultural richness and diversity of Indonesia. BIC has allowed us to share our talents in many ways, most notably through our annual Berklee Indo Night and Indonesian Cultural Night concerts.

Berklee KPI’s mission is to inform Berklee students the rapidly growing K-pop industry, and help them achieve a career opportunity in the industry. Berklee KPI aims to encourage students to achieve opportunities themselves, rather than wait for opportunities to come. Members of Berklee KPI will do so by holding our own events and making our own way.

Berklee Women in Action aims to create a space and a community where members can bring up topics that affect their everyday lives as young female musicians and women, share resources/books/movies we find inspiring, and explore the ways in which we can bring our art to raise awareness, empower girls and women, and make some changes.

The purpose of Berklee XR is to provide a place for VR, AR and XR enthusiasts to learn, share, collaborate, create projects and talk about the future of these technologies. Our mission is to teach students about immersive technologies, support them with their personal journey to find their passion for XR, and help them navigate through the new platform.