Berklee A&R Group

Founded in 2012


Berklee A&R Group was developed by 30-year record industry veteran Joe James in 2012. The purpose of the group is to bridge the gap between Berklee students and the music industry. Berklee A&R Group aims to discover creatives across all genres of music while learning to develop and pitch talent to the A&R executives we bring into the club each semester. The group has been extremely successful placing job positions in the music industry.

Berklee A&R Group scouts, develops, showcases, and pitches tomorrow's leading creatives in the music industry. If you are looking for real-world industry experience and a way to grow your network, Berklee A&R Group is the place for you. From pitching to top A&R executives from the world's leading labels to hosting showcases around campus, we are a small, driven club with a surplus of contacts and opportunities. As we all know, success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. That being said, we make sure to prioritize practicing professionalism while making impactful connections with industry professionals.


Berklee A&R Group provides students with a place to discover and share up-and-coming talent, build their network, gain industry experience, and grow as professionals.


Our vision is to be a catalyst for our members as they begin their successful and impactful careers in the music industry.


Following a successful spring semester of setting up sessions with scouted Berklee talent, Berklee A&R Group is focused on creating amazing opportunities for both its members and the overflowing talent at Berklee. We are committed to scouting tomorrow’s leading creatives and developing and promoting them through showcases and pitching sessions with top music industry executives.


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