Berklee Mission and Vision

During the 2023–24 academic year, our community developed Berklee’s unified mission and vision statements. Guided by our fundamental values, these statements define Berklee’s core purpose and help us envision the positive influence we can have on our students, our communities, and the broader world.

Unified Mission

Founded in Boston, Berklee is a global community of musicians, artists, and educators who cultivate professional excellence and develop innovative fields and practices. Anchored in a vision of contemporary performing arts education that centers diversity in all its forms and the artistic traditions of the African diaspora, Berklee fosters an equitable and inclusive culture of teaching and learning. Our transformative educational experiences prepare students for purposeful lives and careers as creative leaders in a rapidly changing world.

Unified Vision

Berklee is building the future of arts education—borderless in its availability and influence, pioneering in its embrace of innovation, and committed to empowering artists and creative leaders for lives of inspiration and impact.

Berklee has grown to include a diverse set of learning environments, each contributing uniquely to our mission and vision. These varied settings foster innovation, creativity, and a comprehensive educational experience, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the evolving demands of the music and arts industries.