City Music Boston

If you're a third- through 12th-grader living in the greater Boston area, Berklee City Music® can give you the tools and support you need to reach your fullest potential through theory/musicianship classes, ensembles, one-on-one instruction and mentoring, and performance opportunities. You’ll have access to expert faculty and a comprehensive curriculum in popular and contemporary music.

You’ll not only emerge as a better student and musician, but also as a more confident and well-rounded individual ready to shape your world.

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Sights and Sounds

City Music college scholar Antonio Sheill-Loomis delivers a winding guitar solo for a track he wrote.

City Music student Lea Grace Hicks-Swinson and college scholar Josh Sutherland cover Alicia Keys.

City Music Boston students join Elevation Theory in a performance at the Berklee Dining Hall.

Student and Alumni Profiles

Kyla Elisha Wright

Kyla Elisha Wright

“Because of Berklee City Music, I can play, learn, and share music with people my age and have opportunities I wouldn't come across if I wasn't in the program.”

Lily Resnikoff

Lily Resnikoff

“Because of Berklee City Music, I’ve gained confidence and ability through the amazing opportunity that the network has given me. I feel more empowered and fortunate to learn and be able to perfect my craft at City Music.”

Dylan Verge

Dylan Verge

“Berklee City Music is a place of amazing experiences, people, and learning.”

Sarah Coelho

High School Academy student Sarah Coelho attended the Five-Week Summer Performance Program for the third year in a row thanks to the City Music Scholarship.