Berklee City Music Boston

A young girl with dark braids, wearing a black dress plays a large gold trombone on-stage.

Berklee City Music is a nonprofit program that provides music education to fourth–12th graders in underserved communities.

With 30 years of music education programming in the Greater Boston area, Berklee City Music Boston is the founding site of the Berklee City Music Network. City Music is an out-of-school, student-centered organization with a holistic approach for training musicians by building leaders and fostering community.

The program offers a comprehensive popular music education by harnessing the power of contemporary music. Program participants receive theory and musicianship classes, ensembles, master class lessons, and the PULSE online music curriculum. Berklee City Music students gain access to performance opportunities, workshops with visiting artists, master class workshops, and other invaluable resources on the Berklee campus. With year-round instruction, expert faculty, mentoring, and a comprehensive curriculum, City Music sets students up for success. 

City Music core values:

  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Access
  • Diversity
  • Innovation