Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a normal, healthy, everyday occurrence. Successfully resolving conflicts can provide opportunities for growth, development, and learning. Berklee is committed to helping students mediate and resolve interpersonal conflicts while providing students with the skills to successfully navigate conflicts throughout their lives. 

Additional Resources 

Conflict Resolution Support 

Request conflict coaching or formal mediation with Community Standards and Conflict Resolution using this form (login required).

Housing and Residential Education Staff

If you are having a conflict with your on-campus roommate or a hall community member, your resident advisor and residence director are great resources to help resolve it. These staff members are trained to help students find solutions to conflicts to ensure that everyone has a successful living, learning environment.  

Conflict Styles 

There are five common approaches to conflict. While everyone has one style they use more often, each approach can be useful in certain situations. You can take this conflict styles assessment to learn more about your own personal conflict style.