Student Leadership Programs

Our Mission

Being an effective leader starts with an honest understanding and appraisal of who you are.

Student Leadership Programs (SLP) at Berklee aim to complement the professional development students gain inside the classroom with practical life skills and personal values exploration. By utilizing a holistic approach and developing all parts of an individual, we deepen our students’ understanding of their artistry and creativity in the context of an increasingly global society.

Through intentionally designed programs and services, SLP will provide students with opportunities to discover who they are as individuals, as leaders, and as social change agents. Our programs are designed to broaden students’ capacities in the areas of civic engagement, ethical decision-making, managing change, group dynamics, communication styles, community activism, and inclusivity.

By emphasizing a values-based, non-positional approach, SLP aims to empower and activate the innate potential of each student who chooses to begin their personal leadership journey at Berklee.

SLP strives to:

  • provide students with opportunities to explore diverse approaches to leadership as well as to develop and define their own personal leadership philosophy. This will include personal values exploration, exposure to various leadership theories and frameworks, and the connection of leadership to social identities and other dimensions of human development.
  • help students conduct an accurate self-assessment of their current strengths and areas for growth, and then offer specifically tailored educational workshops that will set them up for personal and professional success post-graduation. These workshops will include (but will not be limited to) managing conflict, navigating group dynamics, communicating effectively, financial responsibility, peer mentoring, critical thinking, and inclusivity.
  • demonstrate the power of self-authorship and storytelling in the contexts of leadership, identity development, navigating change, personal resiliency, and self-care.
  • connect students with various on-campus resources and faculty/staff members that broaden and strengthen their Berklee support network.