Track My Academic Progress

My Degree Audit is a useful tool available in to track how the courses you have completed, are currently enrolled in, or are preregistered for will count toward graduation. My Degree Audit also highlights the remaining courses required for graduation and all other requirements still to be completed. 

It is strongly recommended that you use My Degree Audit to prepare for registration. Students who have not yet declared a major or have a new major going into effect at the start of the next semester should use the “What if I changed my program of study?” option.

To use My Degree Audit:

1. Log in to

2. Click on the “Student Services” link on the top left.

3. Select “My Degree Audit” under the Academic Profile section.

4. Then select either:

  • your active academic program (major); or
  • a major from "What if I changed my program of study?” (You need to know your catalog year for this choice, so find your catalog year in your Registration and Check-in Profile screen under the Registration section.)

Note: Do not make more than one selection.

5. For the question “What work do you want to include?” select either:

  • “C” for just your completed courses; or
  • “A” for all courses, including those that are in progress and any courses that you have preregistered for.  

Note: Do not make more than one selection. To obtain the most accurate grade point average (GPA) for a major, you should select “C” for completed coursework only. 

Professional music majors first need to meet with the Professional Music Department to have their specialized curriculum built in the Colleague system. Until you do so, your degree audit will not be accurate.