Transfer Credit Services

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The Office of the Registrar provides transfer credit services for prospective and enrolled students.

  • Berklee accepts transfer credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities where a grade of C (73 percent or 2.0) or higher is earned.
  • Grades must be documented on official transcripts.
  • This grade will not appear on the Berklee transcript and will not be calculated into the Berklee GPA. More information is in the Transcripts section.

Berklee does not accept:

  • high school level SUPA (Syracuse University Project Advance);
  • StraighterLine courses;
  • massive open online courses (MOOC);
  • courses taken through a third-party vendor/website; or
  • AP exams completed after a student began their first year of college/university study.

Berklee is on a semester-hour system.

When transferring credit from an institution using a quarter-hour system, the following conversions must be made:

  • Three quarter-hour credits outside of Berklee equal two semester-hour credits at Berklee
  • Four-point-five (4.5) quarter-hour credits outside of Berklee equal three semester-hour credits at Berklee

When necessary, courses on the quarter-hour system will be combined and transferred as one three-semester-hour credit course.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Many courses taken through the International Baccalaureate program are eligible to be accepted at Berklee. The courses must be taken at the higher level (HL), with a minimum grade of 4 earned. Information regarding International Baccalaureate can be found at

General Certificate of Education-Advanced Level Exams

Advanced Level (A-Level) exams are accepted, provided that the official grade report is submitted to Berklee.