Transfer Credit Limitations

  • Students may transfer up to 24 credits of liberal arts courses toward their liberal arts requirements at Berklee.
  • Only 15 of those 24 credits can be completed and transferred in after a student has started their studies at Berklee.
  • Those 15 credits can be applied to a student’s academic requirements as follows: nine credits can be applied to liberal arts requirements, and six credits can be applied to general elective requirements. 

See detailed information about transfers of liberal arts courses and general elective courses.

In the event that the number of credits of a particular liberal arts transfer course exceeds the number of credits of the equivalent course at Berklee, the additional credits can be applied to general electives. For instance, if a student takes a four-credit English course at another institution, three credits will be applied to liberal arts and count towards those limits and one credit will be applied to general electives. 

Not all liberal arts requirements are eligible for transfer. Requirements for each major can be found at

Always get courses approved in advance. See Preapproval Process for information.

Berklee Online courses do not count towards the limits stated above. Berklee Online will consider undergraduate-level coursework for transfer, so long as the course is compatible with our curriculum and completed with a grade of C or better at a regionally accredited institution.

Note: This policy does not apply entirely to students who matriculated before fall 2009. To see which transfer credit policies apply to you, you will need to determine your catalog year. Each fall semester, a new set of catalogs are created for each major, including double majors. The following are examples of how catalogs are assigned: the 2007 fall catalog will be assigned to students entering in the 2007 fall, 2008 spring, and 2008 summer; the 2008 fall catalog will be assigned to students entering in the 2008 fall, 2009 spring, and 2009 summer. Students may opt to change their catalog year assignment to a more recent catalog if they prefer to graduate under a newer set of curriculum requirements. Please consult Berklee’s Policy Handbook for Students for more information.