Student Policy Handbooks: 2022-2023

Whether this is your first semester, last semester, or something in between, the 2022–2023 student policy handbooks are important documents that provide you with key information regarding academics, enrollment, and student policies and procedures pertinent to your Berklee education.

Complete information on these topics as well as others such as majors and minors, the academic calendar, student life, and career resources can be found under the Academics and Student Life sections of this website. 

The Policy Handbooks for Students are divided into three separate handbooks that contain institutional policies for all students, academic policies that apply to Berklee College of Music students, and academic policies that apply to Boston Conservatory at Berklee students. 

The Institutional Policy Handbook for Students covers the following enrollment-related policies below that apply to all students:

  • Financial information
  • Policies on part-time attendance for F-1 students
  • Withdrawal policies
  • Leave of absence policies
  • Facilities use policies
  • Students policies
  • Title IX
  • Academic Integrity

View the Institutional Policy Handbook for Students

Please refer to your respective handbooks for all academic policies:

Please note that the 2022–2023 Policy Handbook for Students contains updated policies and other information, and replaces the 2021–2022 policy handbook. Students are responsible for complying with all policies. Policies presented are in effect at the time of publication, and Berklee reserves the right to make changes in detail as circumstances require, so it is important to stay current by reviewing this document every semester.