Online Course Equivalencies

Below you will find a list of course equivalencies offered through Berklee Online. These courses have a different registration process and cost than courses offered on campus as part of your degree or diploma program. Review Berklee Online's tuition and fees for more information. Note that scholarships and financial aid cannot be used for Berklee Online courses.

Any course taken through Berklee Online that is not on the list below will transfer in as a general elective. All courses taken through Berklee Online will affect your GPA. Courses taken through Berklee Online are Berklee courses and cannot be removed from your transcript.

You can review other alternative options for credit fulfillment (i.e., the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Advanced Placement exams) on our Registrar's page as well as a complete list of Berklee equivalencies for CLEP exams.

For remote study options for major requirements, please speak with your major chair. Berklee Online courses cannot count toward your major without prior approval from your major chair.

MTEC-111 Introduction to Music Technology


Liberal Arts

Performance Studies


Music Business


Recording and Production for Musicians Minor