Semester Check-in Information

Before the start of each semester, all Berklee College of Music students are required to complete the check-in process.

This process includes paying your tuition bill in full, providing contact and emergency information, submitting state-required proof of immunizations, and clearing any restrictions you may have. You should plan to begin the check-in process a few weeks before the semester begins to ensure you have sufficient time to remove all restrictions. 

Entering Students

  • View details about the summer 2020 check-in process, orientation, and other related topics here. 

Continuing and Returning Students

Once you've checked in, visit the Berklee Hub to see your customized notifications.The Berklee Hub is where you'll find out about registration deadlines, jobs and gigs, clinics, auditions, discounts, upcoming events, official Berklee messages, and much more. You can set each subscription to be delivered in a weekly or daily email digest, or to appear only on the dashboard. Adjust your settings and subscribe to additional feeds by visiting the Hub and clicking "My Subscriptions" in the top right block.