Applying to Graduate

At this time, the Application for Graduation Form is closed for submissions.

To start the graduation process, you must first apply to graduate. If you are nearing the completion of your degree or diploma requirements (semester level six or above/level eight or above for dual majors) you must fill out and submit the online Application for Graduation form. You will get a confirmation email once you've submitted it successfully.

Please note: Your anticipated graduation term (the term in which you plan to complete all requirements for your academic program and major(s), including proficiencies, final projects, internships, etc.) may be different from the commencement ceremony term.

Berklee has only one commencement ceremony per year, which is held in May. A student who needs no more than nine (9) credit hours after the spring semester to complete all remaining degree or diploma course requirements may participate in the May commencement ceremonies only if they have:

  • completed any course with an "Incomplete" by the end of the spring 2016 add/drop period;
  • taken all credit by exam and CLEP tests by the end of the spring 2016 add/drop period; and
  • met all other graduation requirements, such as completion of a portfolio, recital, etc.

These guidelines are firm and not subject to appeal.

If you are planning to participate in the 2016 commencement exercises, you are strongly advised to ensure your eligibility as follows:

Submit your Application for Graduation form by the fall semester deadline (to be announced).

  • The Office of the Registrar will do an initial review for eligibility in November. Students who appear due to graduate in December or May will be given a conditional pre-approval. All other students are advised to meet with an advisor to plan how to get to within nine credits of graduating by the end of the spring 2016 add/drop period. Students may need to finish incomplete grades, credit by exam, transfer credit, and, if necessary, take extra credits in the spring term.
  • A second and final commencement eligibility review will be conducted following the spring add/drop period in February. Students who finished in December 2015, appear on track to finish in May, or who have no more than nine remaining credits to graduate, will receive final approval to participate in commencement. All other students will not receive approval. This decision is final and not subject to appeal. These students upon completing graduation requirements are eligible to participate in the May 2016 commencement exercises.

Failure to submit the Application for Graduation form by the posted deadline will delay processing of your academic record and diploma order, and your name will not be listed in the ceremony program.

Filling out the Application for Graduation form is the only way to notify Berklee of your graduation plans. To help you determine your remaining credits needed and estimate your graduation date, please complete the following steps:

Step One

Run a degree audit online at (login required) to confirm you will meet all requirements for your academic program:

  1. Log in and select “My Degree Audit” under the Academic Profile submenu;
  2. Select your active academic program (major); and then

  3. Select "A" for all courses including in-progress and preregistered courses


Step Two

Obtain your correct major grid (major grids indicate which courses should be taken in each semester to complete each major's academic requirements by catalog year):

  1. Go to Major Grids and find and click on your major and program (diploma or degree) and your catalog year;

  2. You may verify your catalog year in your major by going to your Registration and Check-in Profile screen (under the Registration submenu)
; and then
  3. Print the grid (as a PDF) for your major and catalog year


Step Three 

Click on the additional graduation requirements link at the top of the Major Grids page and read it carefully.

Step Four

Your unofficial degree audit and your grid will give you a reasonably clear picture of your remaining credits, the sequence in which to take them, and will help you estimate your anticipated graduation date on the Application for Graduation form.

Step Five

Fill out the online Application for Graduation form by the fall semester deadline (to be announced).

If you have any questions regarding the graduation process, please contact:

Arielle Schwalm, Graduation and Curriculum Specialist
Office of the Registrar
921 Boylston Street, Suite 120


The Counseling and Advising Center, as well as your departmental advisors, are also available to assist you with your graduation plans. While we will do everything to help with the process, the final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements rests solely with each student.