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Berklee Career Center

Welcome to the Berklee Career Center. Our mission is to provide expert guidance, cutting-edge resources, and professional development experiences to help our diverse body of students achieve their career goals.

So that we can best assist you, please select what you would like to do.

Hire Berklee Talent

Hire Berklee Talent

As the preeminent institute of contemporary music and the performing arts, Berklee educates resourceful, creative, and dependable students and alumni. Find out how the Berklee Career Center can help your organization.

Plan Your Career

Plan Your Career

Whether you’re looking to build on your existing experience, get your foot in the door in a new field, or aren’t yet sure what you want to do, the Berklee Career Center is here to help prepare you to succeed.

Get Started with an Internship

Find an Internship

Get started with an internship to apply your Berklee education in a professional setting. The Berklee Career Center can assist you in finding an organization that needs your skills and that will advance your career.

Berklee faculty and staff: find out how the Berklee Career Center can help enhance your courses and serve your students.