Find Opportunities

The Berklee Career Center is committed to helping students explore a variety of career opportunities, from full-time positions and student employment to startups, internships, and freelance ventures. Finding and creating opportunities that fit your interests doesn’t need to feel impossible—and the Career Center is here to help.

The following are a few primary tools and resources we recommend to help you find your next opportunity.

Berklee Career Manager

This is your one-stop shop for all the internships, gigs, part-time jobs, and full-time jobs that have come directly through the Career Center team. Search by location, career community, industry, desired program, and more. Start searching now, or learn more about what the Career Manager offers.

Berklee Hub

Your Berklee Hub automatically subscribes you to notifications about opportunities that match your major and instrument. You can also customize your Hub emails by adding or updating subscriptions.

Online Job Listings

There are thousands of job search websites. At the Berklee Career Center, we realize that you don’t necessarily have the time to search through all of them, so we’ve selected a few of our favorites and organized them into an online job listings page.

Student Employment

The student employment program exists to help students understand, explore, and achieve their career potential. It provides opportunities for you to work part-time on campus, thereby helping you to meet some of your living expenses. With almost 5,000 student employment positions filled by 2,500+ students from both the College and Conservatory each year, student employment is a great opportunity for professional education and growth.


LinkedIn's job search platform lets you browse thousands of posts based on your profile, network, activity, and career interests. Learn more about how to maximize LinkedIn (login required).

  • Research

    Browse career options by community, industry, major, or city.

  • Opportunities

    Find and apply to jobs, gigs, and internships.

  • Notifications

    Customize how you're notified about events, jobs, gigs, internships, and more.

  • Directory

    Search the directory to find peers and professionals in your Berklee network.