Berklee Career Manager for Students

Launch Your Career

Build your career long before the day of your first job interview. Your Berklee education and professional network give you a competitive advantage, but it’s up to you to maximize it. Get started today with the Berklee Career Manager, an online tool featuring:

  • internships;
  • gigs;
  • jobs;
  • advising;
  • events; and
  • resources

Get started.

  • International students must have work authorization before engaging in off-campus employment. To read more about employment options for international students, visit International Student Services.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more about how the Berklee Career Manager works:

Be Notified When an Opportunity Is Posted

The Berklee Hub automatically subscribes you to job, gig, and internship feeds based on your program and instrument—but you can add more subscriptions at any time.

Watch this introduction to learn how the Hub works:

Helpful Links

  • Research

    Browse career options by community, industry, major, or city.

  • Opportunities

    Find and apply to jobs, gigs, and internships.

  • Notifications

    Customize how you're notified about events, jobs, gigs, internships, and more.

  • Directory

    Search the directory to find peers and professionals in your Berklee network.