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Which Internship Course Is Right for You?

The Experiential Learning Internship Courses are designed to empower students, encouraging them to become adaptable and confident professionals ready to make meaningful contributions to their chosen fields. All internship courses are facilitated in Canvas and require the completion of assignments designed to enhance learning through critical reflection and evaluation. Through each course experience, students will have the opportunity to connect with other Berklee interns, and emerge better equipped to navigate the complexities of the professional world and to embark on successful career paths.

To find out if you meet the requirements to receive academic credit approval for your internship, please review the academic credit eligibility criteria. It is recommended to plan up to two semesters ahead when considering taking an internship course. Meeting with Student Success Advising can also help in managing your credits leading up to your intended internship semester. Students can only be enrolled in one internship course per semester. 

Note: Non-U.S. students must obtain authorization on their form I-20 from International Student Services prior to beginning an internship.



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