Make Connections

Networking is something you already do every day. Whenever you get to know a classmate better, talk with faculty or staff, or meet someone new at a gig or event, you’re forming the relationships that make up your network. Think of your network as your community and support system. You’re not just asking for things from others; you will become part of their support network, too. Take a look at our Guide to Networking for more tips and information. The pages below can help you develop and grow your professional network.

Alumni Networks

Berklee alumni are valuable members of a lifelong and global Berklee community. The Alumni Affairs office can help connect you with alumni networks in the city or industry you're interested in, even if you're not yet an alumnus yourself.

Berklee Connect

Berklee Connect is an online directory for members of our alumni and student communities to find and connect with one another. 

Industry Conferences & Events

Industry conferences are a great way to connect with professionals and learn from the experts in a given field.

The Mentor Network

The Mentor Network is designed to connect students nearing the end of their time in school to industry professionals and networks who can help provide guidance and support during the transition from student to alumni.

  • Research

    Browse career options by community, industry, major, or city.

  • Opportunities

    Find and apply to jobs, gigs, and internships.

  • Notifications

    Customize how you're notified about events, jobs, gigs, internships, and more.

  • Directory

    Search the directory to find peers and professionals in your Berklee network.