Students meeting with their fellowship donor, Paul WachterTake your internship to the next level.

Are you currently applying for internships? Did you just land an internship? Are you looking for financial support? Fellowships provide you with additional funding so you can pursue your internship and build your skills without worrying about living expenses, moving costs, and other related spending. 

If you're awarded a fellowship, you will receive a living allowance while participating in your internship, as well as mentorship and, in some cases, workshops and other types of career-related programming.  

Apply for a fellowship.

For more information, please contact the Career Center.

Tax implication disclaimer: The financial support provided by this fellowship may have tax implications, which could include mandatory tax withholding and reporting under U.S. federal and state regulations. Tax considerations may be different for international students, who should consult with International Student Services for more information. For questions about how this fellowship award might impact you, please consult with your tax professional.