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The Berklee Career Center makes recruiting talent at Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee a hassle-free, productive, and rewarding experience. 

We provide responsive and personalized services that cater to your talent needs, regardless of your organization’s size, location, or industry. 

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Why hire a Berklee graduate? 

Berklee alumni are trained to think creatively, act decisively, 
and improvise. That’s what makes them world-class performers, 
entrepreneurs, project managers, and more.

For Berklee students:


...stage presence is useful on the stage as well as for presentations, seminars, and all-around professionalism.


...time management means balancing classes, projects, rehearsals, and gigging every day of the week.


...improvisation and iteration is a constant practice that makes them perceptive, collaborative, and adaptable.


...entrepreneurial instincts are how they market and brand themselves, launch their own ventures, and envision ways the performing arts will be shaped through technology and innovation.

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Connect with Ryan Braaten, manager of industry relations, to learn about booking talent. To recruit interns, connect with Brit Holbert, associate director, employer engagement and internships.