Gain Experience, Earn Course Credit

"I was excited to learn several strategies for release campaigns and to hone my skills in various multimedia software."

Marlon Solomon, Marketing Intern, Position Music

"I learned that I could keep up with the team by reading what they were reading (music-related news, journals, etc.), and to always take the initiative to learn as much as possible."

Tasya Rifalia, Artist Team Intern, Splice

"I learned how every department of a record label interacts which each other and especially how a classical record label manages its operations."

Tommaso Rocchi, Marketing and Sync Intern, PENTATONE

Internships allow you to apply the knowledge you gain in the classroom to a professional setting. These opportunities are the perfect way to use the concepts you learn from your major to earn experience along with academic credit and/or compensation.

You may complete internships either individually or with recognition from Berklee. Please note that for-credit internships must be completed with approval from the Career Center. Students cannot receive retroactive credit.

Students interested in pursuing internships for credit must:
"Internships are all about learning whether or not a certain field or occupation is a good fit for you. Just take it all in, give it your best effort, and, of course, always be willing to help."

—Sami Goldberg, B.M. '21, Film Scoring and Composition

Students who aren't U.S. citizens must receive curricular practical training (CPT) authorization for all internship experiences, paid or unpaid, and can only intern in the U.S. with authorization and by enrolling in an internship course administered by the Career Center.  These students are not eligible to intern for CPT until they have completed two semesters.

Have you secured an internship? Consider applying for a Berklee fellowship.

  • Receive funding to cover cost-of-living expenses while you intern.
  • Access learning opportunities like mentorships and career workshops.

Note: Per the U.S. Department of Labor and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Berklee College of Music internship employers must provide a wage and/or require their Berklee interns to enroll in academic credit for their work.

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