"Through my student employment position, I learned the skills I need to mix live events."

"It's lovely to listen and give a space to all the great emerging artists that our network broadcasts, while working in a healthy and supportive environment."

"I've learned important management skills that I know will stay with me after I leave Berklee."

"The ability to articulate important information in a clear and timely manner has been an important skill that will prove useful in future career roles."

"My student employment position has taught me an incredible deal about leadership, responsibility, and the importance of bringing fun and laughter to work."

"I've learned a lot about multitasking, organization, and leadership, which will help me succeed in my professional life."

As part of the Berklee Career Center, Student Employment enables students to understand, explore, and achieve their career potential. The student employment program provides opportunities for students to work part-time on campus, thereby helping them to meet some of their living expenses. With almost 5,000 student employment positions filled by 2,500-plus students from both Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee each year, student employment is a great opportunity for professional education and growth.

Students can work on the production team for Concert Operations, lead New Student Orientation, and much more. Check out the student employee spotlights to learn more about the benefits of student employment.

How to Apply

Student employment is open to all students, with eligibility based on various enrollment criteria. Confirm that you are eligible (login required) before you apply.


Explore resources on finding jobs and navigating the application and employment process (login required).


Explore resources on hiring and supporting your student employees (login required).


"I will absolutely be able to take all my student employment skills and use them at any job I have in the future."

—Alex Leondedis, Contemporary Theater

More Opportunities

Students interested in other types of employment opportunities should consider exploring the Berklee Career Manager, which includes jobs, gigs, internship opportunities, and more from Berklee's Career Center and International Career Center.