Student Employment

The student employment program provides opportunities for you to work part-time on campus, thereby helping you to meet some of your living expenses. With more than 750 positions ranging from 10 to 20 hours of work per week, as well as daily opportunities for project-based temporary employment, student employment is a great opportunity for professional and educational growth.

Popular student employment positions include being a paid performer for concerts and projects, tutoring your peers in the core music curriculum, working on stage crew for venues across campus, performing as a session musician, and more.

Berklee Students Performing

Who Can Apply?

Student employment is open to all students, with eligibility based primarily on your suitability for a particular position.

How to Apply

More Opportunities

Students interested in other types of employment opportunities should consider exploring the Berklee Career Manager, which includes jobs, gigs, internship opportunities, and more from Berklee's Career Center and International Career Center.