Planning a Successful Career in Music

Berklee students are not just attending college—they're preparing for a career in music.

The mission of the Career Development Center (CDC) is to provide expert guidance, leading-edge resources, engaging connections, and professional development programs/events in order to help students reach their music career goals. The CDC focuses on music career management and helps students gain access to the resources and activities available, and encouraging them to apply those resources to their own career path.  

Internships and Entrepreneurship

Internships are a wonderful way to explore professional opportunities, and the Office of Experiential Learning, located at 1140 Boylston Street #2T, gives Berklee students a chance to do just that. Over 1,000 companies participate in the program, which assists students in gaining professional work experience.

Berklee's Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (ICE) offers students programs and activities to develop an entrepreneurial approach to today's fast changing media and creative industries.

Berklee Career Manager

The Berklee Career Manager is the tool your student will use to manage their career path. Here they can:

  • Find job, internship, and gig opportunities;
  • RSVP to events such as workshops, auditions, and job information sessions;
  • Schedule advising appointments;
  • Explore career related resources; and
  • Build their network with Berklee’s Professional Network (ProNet) mentorship program.