Planning a Successful Creative Career

Berklee students are not just attending college. They’re preparing for a successful creative career.

The Berklee Career Center is here to help students plan for their career with services such as:

  • personal, one-on-one career and entrepreneurial advising;
  • self-assessment and goal definition;
  • industry internships at top companies;
  • field- or industry-specific research and resources;
  • immersive opportunities to connect the classroom to a specific career path, including professional development opportunities in industry hotbeds such as New York, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Nashville, and Atlanta, as well as on-campus conferences and workshops;
  • job search strategies and tactics, including connections to successful alumni and professional associations;
  • job interview preparation, including mock interviews;
  • marketing and promotional resources;
  • business and legal resources; and
  • targeted job listings—including some held exclusively for Berklee students—and more.

We ask you to encourage your students to visit the Career Center as they think about their career path. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Career Center.

In addition, the Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (BerkleeICE) offers students programs and activities to develop an entrepreneurial approach to today's fast-changing media and creative industries.

The Berklee Career Manager is the tool your student will use to manage their career path. With it, they can:

  • find job, internship, and gig opportunities;
  • RSVP to events such as workshops, auditions, and job information sessions;
  • schedule advising appointments; and
  • explore career-related resources

We recognize that not all students enter college with a concrete career plan in mind, but at Berklee, we aim to instill a career-conscious mindset in our students long before the day of their first job interview. We measure our success by your student’s success.

  • Research

    Browse career options by community, industry, major, or city.

  • Opportunities

    Find and apply to jobs, gigs, and internships.

  • Notifications

    Customize how you're notified about events, jobs, gigs, internships, and more.

  • Directory

    Search the directory to find peers and professionals in your Berklee network.