Networking is something you already do every day. Whenever you get to know a classmate better, talk with faculty or staff, or meet someone new at a gig or event, you’re forming the relationships that make up your network.

Think of your network as your community and support system. You’re not just asking for things from others; you will become part of their support network, too.

How to Get Started

Get involved and start reaching out. Networking is personal and relationship-based at its core, and some of the most common approaches include preparing elevator pitches and requesting informational interviews.

  • Identify people you would like to connect with and reach out to them. If they are receptive, request an informational interview.
  • Ask professors to point you toward alumni or colleagues with whom they think you share interests and who they suspect may be open to talking with you.
  • Attend conferences, seminars, or workshops held by professional associations in your field to meet and learn about new people. 
  • Follow individuals and companies you're interested in on social media and look for opportunities to engage with them in more personal ways.

Take a look at our Guide to Networking for more tips and information.

Work Your Network

As a Berklee student or alumnus, you’re a member of one of the most powerful and close-knit networks in the music and creative arts industries. Take advantage of it. 

  • Berklee Connect: an online directory for members of our alumni and student communities to find and connect with one another. 
  • Alumni Affairs: Berklee alumni are valuable members of a lifelong and global Berklee community. The Alumni Affairs office can help connect you with alumni networks in the city or industry you're interested in, even if you're not yet an alumnus yourself.
  • LinkedIn Alumni: This tool allows you to browse fellow alumni on LinkedIn by location, industry, company, or role.
  • Network Before You Move: Meet alumni who will share their know-how and offer advice on making the most of your move to Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, New York City, and more. Check our events calender for spring semester dates.

Remember, our advisors are always available to help you get started with reaching out to connections, developing your elevator pitch, or other networking challenges. Daily walk-in hours are available, as well as appointments.