About Credit Transfer Agreements

Berklee has credit-transfer agreements with educational institutions around the world that make it possible for you to start your path to Berklee closer to home. By taking foundational courses at one of these schools and doing well, you may transfer credits to Berklee and put yourself on a more affordable path to a Berklee degree. After successful study at one of these institutions, if you apply and are accepted to Berklee, you will arrive ready to join the Berklee community

Shani Kimelman transferred to Berklee from Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Ramat-Hasharon, Israel.

What are the advantages of starting at an institution that holds a credit-transfer agreement with Berklee?

  • You could save money in tuition and housing costs by studying closer to home.
  • You could study some subjects in your native language.
  • If accepted to Berklee, you will arrive prepared to succeed.
  • You'll be able to focus on your continuing studies and major courses at Berklee.

"One of the best things I got out of Rimon is that I transferred most of the core music courses, which allowed me to concentrate on my major here at Berklee and the courses that I'm most interested in. Besides that, I didn't have to take courses such as Counterpoint and Traditional Harmony in a foreign language."

—Shani Kimelman