Check-In for Continuing and Returning Students

To enroll for the fall semester, Berklee College of Music students must log in to and select the “Semester Check-In” link in the Check-In section. Before a student can complete the check-in process, all check-in restrictions must be cleared.

The check-in period for the fall 2018 semester is September 1–7. Students who fail to complete the check-in process by 11:59 p.m. EDT on September 7 will be considered by the college not to be attending the fall semester and will be dropped from all their courses. Under special circumstances and in direct communication with the Office of the Registrar, a student may be allowed to check-in after the September 7 deadline. A $250 late fee will be will assessed, and the student's schedule will need to be rebuilt according to seat availability.

What to Do Before September 1

Beginning one month before the start of the semester and before arriving on campus, you should log in to and check your individual restrictions by clicking on the "Semester Check-In" link in the Check-In section. Any restrictions will be listed along with information about how to resolve them. 

One of the restrictions is to pay tuition in full. Tuition is due August 1 for the fall 2018 semester. Students who do not pay their bill by this date will be subject to a $250 late payment fee assessed by the Office of the Bursar.

If you are a returning international student and were issued a new SEVIS Record, you must also verify your immigration information. Please see International Student Check-In Requirements (login required) for more information.

Online Check-In (September 1–7)

Beginning September 1, after all check-in requirements have been cleared and no later than September 7, you must check in by clicking the “Check-In” button at the bottom of the “Semester Check-In” screen. A successful check-in will be indicated by a "SUCCESS!" message in green and a confirmation email that will be sent to you within 24 hours. No student will be considered enrolled for the fall semester who has not received this confirmation. Once checked in, you can view your schedule (with room numbers), and add and drop courses.

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