Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

The Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy is intended to provide early identification of students requiring additional academic support, and governs the eligibility of all students for enrollment and financial aid.

All students are required to consistently meet or exceed the following three SAP standards each semester:

  • A cumulative grade point average (CumGPA) of 2.00
  • A cumulative credit completion percentage (CumCCP) of 70 percent, calculated by cumulative credit hours completed divided by cumulative credit hours attempted
  • The completion of graduation requirements within 150 percent of the published length of the degree or diploma program, e.g., complete the 120-credit degree program within 180 attempted credits

Failure to Meet SAP Standards

Students who fail to meet or exceed any one of the SAP standards for the first time will be placed on suspension warning. Students in suspension warning status are given one additional semester of enrollment and financial aid eligibility to meet SAP standards.

Failure to achieve SAP standards for a second time will result in academic suspension from the college and a loss of financial aid eligibility.