Summer/Fall 2017 Registration Manual

This online manual will help you find what you need to make registering for courses easy, including:

You are also highly encouraged to seek academic advising from your academic advisor, departmental advisors in the department of your major, or the Office of the Registrar. (Students in their sixth semester and higher should schedule advising meetings early.)

Liberal Arts Course Changes for Fall 2017
The Liberal Arts Department has made some changes to course names and numbers, which will go into effect in the fall of 2017:

  • Art History (LAHS) courses will now be Visual Studies courses and have the prefix LVIS.
  • LENG-111, Writing and Communication, is changing its name to Intro to College Writing.
  • LENG-201, Literature, has a new number: LENG-223.

If, according to your grid, you need to take an LAHS course, you can sign up for an LVIS course for the fall. If you need to take LENG-201, please register for LENG-223 for the fall. Contact the Liberal Arts Department (login required) with any questions.