SAP Suspension

Once an undergraduate student has fallen below SAP metrics for two or more semesters, they are placed on SAP Suspension. Students on SAP Suspension are prohibited from enrolling at the college, using campus facilities, and participating in any on-campus classes, ensembles, programs, trips, or events. These students are also ineligible to receive any financial aid, student employment, grants, or scholarships. Students may appeal this status to regain enrollment and financial aid eligibility on a probationary basis.

  • Students who are suspended after their most recent semester of enrollment and either do not appeal or are not approved for probation must complete the following for reinstatement consideration:

    • Demonstrate academic achievement at an accredited institution by enrolling, successfully completing (with a passing grade of 2.0/"C" or better), and transferring a minimum of 6.0 credits (two courses) to their Berklee transcript according to the college's Transfer Credit Policy.
    • Appeal for a future semester of reinstatement by completing the SAP Appeal Process.
  • All future dates and deadlines are available on the SAP Appeal Process and Timeline page.





If you have additional questions about your SAP standing or the appeal process, please email