Satisfactory Academic Progress

The satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy governs the eligibility of all Berklee students for enrollment and financial aid at the college.  

Berklee's SAP policy serves as an accurate and honest measure of student success, assessing the completion of course work toward degree or diploma attainment while providing early identification of students requiring additional academic support.

All students are required to meet or exceed the following three SAP standards each semester:

  • A cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00 for undergraduate students and 3.00 for graduate students
  • A cumulative credit completion percentage (CCCP) of 70 percent, calculated by cumulative credit hours completed divided by cumulative credit hours attempted.
  • Completion of graduation requirements within 150 percent of the published length of the degree or diploma program (e.g., completion of the 120-credit degree program within 180 attempted credits)

Students who fall outside these metrics for the first time are placed on SAP Warning. After failing to meet metrics for a second time, students are given notice of SAP Suspension, and are ineligible to enroll or receive financial aid until they appeal and are approved to continue their studies. Failure to meet metrics after suspension may result in SAP Dismissal, in which case students are academically dismissed from Berklee, and might not regain their enrollment or financial aid eligibility.

To read more about the SAP policy, SAP appeal process (login required), or any of the SAP standings (login required for SAP Warning and SAP Suspension), please visit the links below.


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