Standards for Acceptable Medical Documentation

Students placed on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Suspension may appeal to the Enrollment Appeals Committee for academic reinstatement to the college. To be successfully considered, appeals should be based on extenuating circumstances with written verification included. 

Documentation of your extenuating circumstances will likely include one or more of the following:

1. Signed doctor's letter (see below Standards for Acceptable Medical Documentation)

2. Obituary or death certificate of deceased relative

3. Signed note from an instructor, parent, guardian, or community leader

In order for medical documentation to be considered acceptable, it must be meet the following criteria:

Standards for Acceptable Medical Documentation:

  1. Must be from a U.S.-licensed medical doctor (doctor of osteopathy, doctor of medicine, or licensed clinical psychologist)
  2. Must include doctor’s signature and medical license number
  3. Must be current and on official stationary from a doctor’s office or a hospital
  4. Must include the semester for which the letter is applicable (fall, spring, summer)
  5. Must include the diagnosis and severity of condition or illness
  6. Must include a statement that the medical condition/illness warranted withdrawal
  7. Must include specific types of coursework that may have been affected by or exacerbated the diagnosed condition or illness