Declaration of Major/Minor

All students are required to declare a major field of study by their third semester credit standing. To ensure an appropriate graduation timeline, it is strongly advised that the declaration of major paperwork be submitted prior to your assigned online registration time during your second semester.

Declaration for most majors must be completed by the end of check-in week, which is the Friday before the start of classes. If approved, the declaration of major will be effective for that semester. Declaration/Change of Major/Minor forms received after this date will be effective, if approved, for the following semester. 

Please visit the departments directory for more definitive declaration instructions since some majors have an earlier declaration deadline and specific requirements for declaration.

To begin the process of declaring a major or minor, you should visit the departmental office of the appropriate major or minor (performance majors begin with their instrumental department.) The Declaration/Change of Major/Minor form must be completed at the major department and then be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

Review this list for an overview of the respective majors, and suggested entry courses: List of Majors and Suggested Entry Courses

Note: Some of these courses have prerequisites. Be sure to check the course description for details.