Internship Expo Shows Students What's Possible

Katie Gibson
October 31, 2019

More than 20 employers visited campus to network with students and share information about internship opportunities. 

Students talked with employers, submitted their resumes, and asked questions.
Zoe Schneider M.M. '19, community manager at Harmonix, was among the employer representatives at the expo.
Nick MacDonald B.M. '06 of PSAV, an event design and technology company, talks to students.
Image by Alex Kawasaki
Image by Alex Kawasaki
Image by Alex Kawasaki

A Berklee education opens doors for any number of exciting career opportunities in the music industry. Many of those doors open first with internships. The third annual Internship Expo, sponsored by the Berklee Career Center, brought more than 20 employers to campus this fall to meet students and spread the word about internships and post-graduation employment opportunities. Several employer representatives at this year’s expo were Berklee alumni who are building thriving careers in the music industry, and want to help current students do the same. 

"Berklee students often have the soft skills we’re looking for. They know how to communicate, and how to work well in teams."

—Anita Stokes, Dolby Laboratories

For Zoe Schneider B.M. ’18, M.M. ’19, who recently took a position as a community manager at Harmonix, coming back to Berklee is a way to pay it forward. “I had a lot of internships as a student,” says Schenider, who completed her degree in music business before earning a master’s degree at Berklee's campus in Valencia, Spain. “Every one of them helps me in the work I do now—a little piece of everything comes up all the time.” Harmonix, a game development company best known for creating franchises like Rock Band, hires Berklee students for internships in various areas, including audio, production, marketing, and engineering. 

“Berklee students often have the soft skills we’re looking for. They know how to communicate, and how to work well in teams,” said Anita Stokes, program manager for university relations at Dolby Laboratories. The company, famous for its innovations in sound engineering, has a robust internship program and often recruits Berklee students, particularly those with a programming or engineering background. 

This year’s expo also included three virtual sessions, which allowed students to meet via video conference with representatives from Cirque du Soleil, NPR Music, and independent music publisher and record label Position Music.