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Both Sides of Goose, America's Premier Jam Band

On a new Sounds of Berklee: Goose’s live act attracts a devoted following—and the band's studio work highlights the sharp songs that spark their legendary jams.

Chrysalis's Indigo Ansin Emerges

In this episode of Sounds of Berklee, the Boston Calling–bound indie folk artist explores how discovering songwriting and a supportive queer community led to deeper self-discovery.

What Does Science Sound Like?

In the latest episode of Sounds of Berklee, “electro-symphonic” composer David Ibbett breaks down his process for turning scientific data into musical notes.

Aviations Cozies up to Metal with 11-Minute 'Outliers'

The six-member band (four of whom are Berklee alumni) turn out a Dream Theater–inspired epic.