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Miami’s Hitmaker

Now at Interscope, Nir Seroussi helps Latin artists take the world stage.

Berklee Now Series

New Concept Album Boils Down Mueller Report to Eight-Song Opera

Henry Bloomfield's 29-minute album, Ongoing Matter, uses the report's own text to tell its story through music. 

The Shape of Jazz to Come

A new institute aims to create a more inclusive bandstand. 

No Longer a Degree Deferred

Students leave college without graduating for a variety of reasons. Berklee Online’s Degree Completion program offers them a road back.

A Wave of Talent

SJA Music Institute is dedicated to turning out some of South Korea’s—and Berklee’s—top musicians.

Americano Roots

Carrie Rodriguez helps tell an immigrant’s story from a human, not political, perspective.

Dreams So Real

Steve Walter’s The Cutting Room is a hub for established and emerging talent. 

Holding the Stage

From performance to choreography, Yewande Odetoyinbo is finding her stride in the theater world.

Fertile Grounds

Cara Smith’s nonprofit Umoja promotes music therapy in Kenya and Uganda.

An Audible Feast

Ben Houge's Music + Food course expands students' musical palate.

Ganzá, Dizi, or Sitar

Thoughtfully incorporating the music and instruments of other countries helps bring their cultures to life on screen. 

Taking the Reins

When conducting, sometimes less is more. 

The Responsible Musician

Taking Care of Your Instrument, Your Business, and Yourself