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Student Spotlight: Gabrielle Rodriguez

The music education graduate student explores new teaching methods, connects her classes to her Filipino roots, and shares her favorite film music.

The Game Changers

Metal Gear Solid and Halo composers Nobuko Toda ’03 and Kazuma Jinnouchi ’02 talk about the paths to their careers and what it takes to level up in the video-game industry.

Rap and Roots

The Mayan people of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula breathe new life into their ancient heritage, with help from a Berklee alum.

Finding Its Rhythm

As evidence of music therapy’s benefits grows, the practice is increasingly showing up in hospitals, schools, and more. 

A Consequential Career

During his 28 years at Berklee, Jay Kennedy, who retires in December, revamped the Contemporary Writing and Production Department as chair, and as vice president for Academic Affairs/vice provost he helped launch the Valencia campus and update college facilities.