What Berklee is listening to

Album art from the Marathon Monday playlist

Staff Picks: Power Songs for Marathons and Beyond

Inspired by the Boston Marathon, the External Affairs team shares the songs that help them dig deep, from Beyoncé to Bruce Springsteen.

Berklee Now Series

Album art from the BGJI tenth anniversary playlist

A 'Global Passport': 10 Years of the BGJI

Alumni of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute (BGJI) reflect on what the institute means to them.

Album art from the Dick Dale playlist

Long Live the King of Surf Rock: A Tribute to Dick Dale

With the recent passing of guitar icon Dick Dale at age 81, guitar faculty member Bobby Stanton traces Dale's unmistakable sound throughout rock history.

Album art from the American Roots concert playlist

Celebrating 10 Years of the American Roots Music Program

Listen to the artists performing at the program's commemorative concert, with genres ranging from folk to gospel to bluegrass.

Album art from the Sylvia Rhone playlist

Artists Discovered by Hitmaker Sylvia Rhone

From Missy Elliott and Dream Theater to Camila Cabello and Jason Mraz, listen to some of the hits launched by the industry icon.

Album art from the Valentine's Day playlist

Staff Picks: Unconventional Love Songs

From the agony of young love to an ode to a boombox, the External Affairs team shares some of their favorite unexpected love songs.

Album art from the Larry Klein playlist

Larry Klein Breaks Down His Career in 15 Tracks

The Grammy-winning producer and musician shares stories about working with Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Madeleine Peyroux, Peter Gabriel, and more.

Album art from the Civil Rights anthems playlist

Anthems of the Civil Rights Movement

Listen to artists—from Nina Simone to Bob Dylan—who gave the movement its musical foundation.

Album art from Berklee's Favorite Tracks of 2018

Berklee's Favorite Tracks of 2018

Listen to the songs that got Berklee thinking, bobbing, and dancing this year.

Album art from the Best of 2018 playlist

Alumni and Faculty Who Made 2018's Best Music

From hip-hop to Latin jazz, Berklee artists and producers were all over the year's biggest hits.

Album art from the Singers Showcase playlist

Vocal Icons of the '80s: Singers Showcase 2018

Put on your Reebok Pumps and kick it to the hits that made the decade.

Album art from the China-U.S. Music Industry Playlist

Artists Heating up the Chinese Music Industry

Take a listen to Chinese pop and R&B megastars such as Tia Ray and Joker Xue.

Album art from the Thanksgiving playlist

Hey, Thanks: 20 Songs Called "Thank You"

Ring in Thanksgiving with thankful tunes by everyone from Kehlani to Dave Brubeck.