What Berklee is listening to

An artist using an EDI controller

Songs Featuring Electronic Digital Instruments

Listen to tracks by artists who shape their sound using electronic digital instruments.

Berklee Now Series

Album art from the Summer Programs playlist

Summer Jams from Summer Programs

Take a listen to a sampling of past Summer Programs students, from Jon Batiste to Betty Who to Robert Glasper.

Artists Performing in the Summer in the City 2018 Concert Season

Listen to some of the Berklee acts that round out the 2018 Summer in the City concert season.

Collaborations in the Spirit of Eaux Claires

Students are helping produce a festival centered around musical collaborations. Listen to other tracks that feature unexpected partnerships.

Album art from the Anthems of Social Change playlist

12 Songs that Became Anthems of Change

On issues ranging from civil rights to gender equality, songs have transformed culture. 

Trumpeter Alonzo Demetrius

Artists from Berklee and Beyond Featured at 2018 BAMS Fest

Listen to Berklee artists who will perform at the BAMS Festival, such as Niya Norwood, Alonzo Demetrius, and RickExpress.

Berklee Presents: Arrangements

Hear students arrange versions of their favorite songs.


Berklee Presents: Original Music

Listen to original tracks from Berklee students.


Songs Featured in the 2018 Commencement Concert

Relive this year's commencement concert track by track.


Nile Rodgers's Musical DNA

Take a listen to these chart-toppers, both in their original and sampled versions.


Commencement 2018 Honorees

Hear some of the versatile music generated by this year's honorary doctorate recipients.


Women of Berklee

In honor of Women's Month, we're celebrating the fiercely talented women of Berklee.


Harp Music: Beyond the Orchestra

Take a listen to harp music in everything from opera to hip-hop, including tracks from Berklee harpists.