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The Boston Globe: Richard Ortner, Boston Conservatory’s final president, dies at 71

The Boston Globe spoke to Berklee President Roger H. Brown, Boston Conservatory at Berklee Executive Director Cathy Young, and others in the Boston arts scene regarding the passing of Richard Ortner, former president of Boston Conservatory at Berklee, in an obituary. 

The Boston Globe

Billboard: Berklee Online CEO Debbie Cavalier is Teaching Gender Parity with Roles for Female Students, Instructors

The number of female Berklee Online instructors has grown from 28 percent in 2012 to 33 percent in 2018.

Billboard Grafton's Ricky Duran Sounds Good on The Voice

The singer and Berklee alumnus received a four-chair standing ovation from the judges.

The Boston Globe: Mary Lambert Talks Mental Health and Madonna at Berklee

The Boston Globe published an article about Mary Lambert's visit to Berklee for Mental Health Awareness Week, which included a special performance and Reach Out talk with our Health and Wellness office.

The Boston Globe

ExhaleLifestyle: Female Enrollment Is on the Rise at Berklee, and Here's Why

Berklee Online has increased female enrollment by 65 percent in the last two years.


Boston Herald: Video Game Music + Jazz = 8-Bit Alchemy

The Boston Herald spoke to Berklee alumni Charlie Rosen and Grace Kelly about an upcoming performance of video game music at the Berklee Performance Center.

Boston Herald

Boston Globe: At HubWeek Hackathon, One Team Ties Together Breathing and Music

The Boston Globe wrote about the Music and Health Hackathon presentations at HubWeek, with quotes from Berklee faculty members Joy Allen and Annette Whitehead-Pleaux.

Boston Globe

New York Times: Kris Davis, a Pianist Fighting for Fringe Music

The New York Times spoke to Kris Davis and Terri Lyne Carrington about Davis's new role with the Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice and her impact on the jazz world ahead of the release of her new album, Diatom Ribbons

The New York Times Five Berklee Concerts That Music Pros Are Excited about This Season

The concerts range from hip-hop and flamenco to blues and roots at the Berklee Performance Center.

WGBH: Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool Unpacks the Man behind the Horn

Callie Crossley speaks with filmmaker Stanley Nelson and Berklee professor Leon Lee Dorsey on how Miles Davis reinvented jazz.

WGBH: Under the Radar

NPR: Nella Wants to Be a Voice of Hope for Venezuela

The Venezuelan vocalist grew up listening to American pop music.


Dorchester Reporter: Jazz and Unity Festival Is Called 'Best' Way to Celebrate Mattapan

Berklee professors Ron Savage, Gabrielle Goodman, and Sean K. Skeete honor the neighborhood's musical heritage.

Dorchester Reporter